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This book is the second in a series.  The first book (I Was Once Walking And Saw This, 2018 January) was conceived and developed to teach myself how to publish a book in order to publish my daughter’s graphic novel. 


Once that first book was printed I realized that there might be some utility to sending the book out into the world for review.  What utility?  For instance:


• Conversation.

• To seek connectedness.

• To look for a place to have a show of these paintings/poems.

• To seek new opportunities.

• To change and expand the nature of both poems and paintings.


I hope to continue this line of inquiry and to show that this style of artistic expression (i.e. abstract paintings and the poems that marry to them) is a legitimate and lasting form worthy of further exploration.  I believe that the combination of painting-with-poem packs a larger and more expressive wallop then the sum of their parts.  If you find this interesting you should weigh in.  You may email me at “”  

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