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Lucky Parker Cover 3D.jpg
Release Date: June 28, 2019
A Book of Good Luck!

This is a dialog with and about luck.  Seneca states, "fortune reverses the brave and overwhelms the cowardly."   The author is hoping to be brave and explore luck; bad, good and indifferent.  Mostly, he explores how to wrap an entire poetic collection around a concept and by doing so this book delivers the rules for the author's next book, which concentrates on one legal theme, election law.  Before this book the author was simply riffing on ideas, after this book, he engaged in a conversation about law.   

A Whirling Planet Cover 3D.jpg
Release Date:  December 17, 2018
Paintings, Poetry and Civic Engagement:   A University Curriculum!

This book of poems is an ode to civil engagement and wishes for studies concentrated on law and art.  Paintings drive the poems in this volume.  Portraits, places, manaces, visions, maps and a funeral for the author's mother;  Here the images are hard and push the poems which must work to catch up.  Finally, the author strives to pull these things together into a focus on engagement, and a hope for the future.

Drawn to World Order Cover 3D.jpg
Release Date: July 27, 2018
Finding Order in Disorder!

The author's heartfelt and whimsical book of poems is a plea for order.  Silly to put so much on the back of such a small volume of poems, yet, each poem pays tribute to a symbolic theme speaking to order.  The author even goes so far as to list subjects he believes may promote world order just in case one needed a list.   There is an attempt at rye humor here, but the author believes order is worth the struggle for a little laugh.  

I Was Once Walking and Saw This Cover 3D
Release Date: January 24, 2018
A Book of Paintings and Poems!

"The author's first book of poetry and paintings, this volume is an explanation of the author's studio process and procedure.  The book is simple in a way and includes the shortest poems this author has written, as they are more like extended titles to the paintings.  But these extended titles give rise to the author's next books, which move more to poetic constructions and away from long poetic titles.  The book contains metaphors, uncertainty, bridges to far-off places, music, man, woman... here we find a lucky tangled web.  Even memories and small creatures are explored, all mixed up in a wild hodgepodge of images and words, no plan intended; just life explored.  

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