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Author Spotlight

Ali Alongi's ANKLE BITERS - a charming take on adolescence.

Author Spotlight

I Was Once Walking and Saw This is an artist’s picture book. It was conceived and developed by the author to teach himself how to publish a book so as to publish his daughter’s graphic novel. Since then the author has had a great time making these books and sending them around the world to friends and acquaintances.  The author  studied painting and writing at university.  He once had a one person show at a major gallery in NYC , but that was a long time ago.  He has no gallery connection at this time.  He is presently  working on a book connecting art, poetry and law.   It should be published by the end of the summer 2020.  The author welcomes communication with people who actually make it to this website since he does not advertise.


August 22, 2018


Exerpt from Introduction

I concluded it might take a little more than my painting/poems and my one longer poem to reach World Order so I also included a list of the sort of issues for consideration, which I find worth one’s effort.  These are just subjects I find interesting, so that if considered with some regularity and with some intensity, I have confidence these will help create World Order.  I can’t say they will completely sort out World Order, but I think with these subjects, this poem “Vote”, and the pages of this book, one may come close. Perhaps I’m an optimist.

June 21, 2018


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